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  1. Accessing the Google Custom Search API using PowerShell
  2. Active directory password expiration notification
  3. Aksje-, fonds- og ETF-utbytterapportgenerator for Nordnet-transaksjonslogg
  4. Ascii art characters powershell script
  5. Automatically delete old IIS logs with PowerShell
  6. Calculate the trend for financial products based on close rates
  7. Check when servers were last patched with Windows Update via COM or WSUS
  8. Get-Weather cmdlet for PowerShell, using the OpenWeatherMap API
  9. Getting computer information using powershell
  10. Have PowerShell trigger an action when CPU or memory usage reaches certain values
  11. Historical view of the SnP 500 Index since 1927, when corona is rampant in mid-March 2020
  12. How to check perl module version
  13. How to list all AD computer object properties
  14. Import PFX certificates on remote servers (PSv2-compatible)
  15. Linux squid proxy url rewriting or redirection
  16. Main Page
  17. Manage local group membership on remote servers with PowerShell
  18. Manually parse CSV with escaped delimiters
  19. Microsoft deployment tools vmware xp amd pcnet nic missing
  20. PS2CMD - embed PowerShell code in a batch file
  21. Parse openssl certificate date output into .NET DateTime objects
  22. Parse schtasks.exe Output with PowerShell
  23. PowerShell Java Auto-Update Script
  24. Powershell check if folder exists
  25. Powershell multi-line comments
  26. Remote control mom via PowerShell and TeamViewer
  27. Remove empty elements from an array in PowerShell
  28. Renaming files using PowerShell
  29. Sort strings with numbers more humanely in PowerShell
  30. Test PowerShell Remoting Cmdlet
  31. Using the Microsoft Translator API from PowerShell

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