Camera comparison: iPhone XS vs HTC U11 Plus vs Nokia 7 Plus

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Here I very simply compare/test the cameras of iPhone XS, HTC U11+ and Nokia 7 Plus by taking a still image under the same indoors lighting conditions and simply fitting both the other phones into the image as best I can - incidentally the light is provided by Philips Hue bulbs set to "Bright".

The test picture is a rather complicated image with some flowers, graphics and text on the two other phone screens.

In my opinion, at least as I see it on my PC screen, the Nokia 7 Plus stands out as the loser of the test under these lighting conditions. The text/graphics is blurry and poor and the colors don't look as good to me as in the pictures taken with the iPhone XS and the HTC U11+.

Among the HTC and iPhone I find it hard to pick a winner. I leave that up to you. I'm just blogging this in case it's useful for someone.

iPhone XS picture

Here's the iPhone XS picture.

IPhone XS pic.jpg

Full size:

HTC U11 Plus picture

Here's the HTC U11+ picture.

HTC U11 plus picture.jpg

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Nokia 7 Plus picture

And here's the Nokia 7 Plus picture. Great phone for its price with a beautiful design, but with a sort of weak camera compared to flagship models from Apple and HTC. Not bad, though. Outdoors pictures in daylight seems to be what it does best. It runs Android One which means it's considered among the most secure Android phones - while in support, but that period is longer than with regular Android, they get updates directly from Google and don't repackage, and updates are faster and more frequent. "Pure Android".

Nokia7.1 picture.jpg

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More pictures

HTC U11 Plus sunrise picture

Here's a quite beautiful, "live-cropped" image of the sunrise from nearby my house in Skjetten, Norway on June 2nd 2019 at a little after 4 AM. I will compare with an iPhone XS picture below that's similar.


Full size / original:

Copyright: Joakim Borger Svendsen, 2019.

iPhone XS sunrise picture


Full size / original:

Copyright: Joakim Borger Svendsen.