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Welcome to the Svendsen Tech Wiki.

It's about PowerShell, music(!), Perl, Python, Linux, Windows, technology, programming, system administration and that which seems relevant - plus pseudorandom crap (almost literally here).

I feel a need to mention that this wiki has been a work in progress and I've learned and picked up new things along the way. The early articles don't always conform to my current preferred code style and are sometimes poorly structured (that still happens somewhat). The code style is influenced heavily by the official guidelines. The style guidelines can be found here (I haven't read all of them yet) - and the community guidelines are here.

I am considering (and have indeed sporadically been) rewriting some of the code and documentation, but it's tedious. With some very few exceptions, it should mostly be fine logically and functionally, so the motivation is somewhat lacking.

Click here for my Microsoft PowerShell Gallery profile (started publishing in October 2016) - and click here for my GitHub profile (started in April 2017).

Click here to see that, woo, I'm an expert, and should have been a "genius" :P - if I had had a moment's peace during the test.


Recommended Articles

  • A Merge-Csv advanced function - Combines CSV files or custom PowerShell objects based on one or more shared columns/headers/properties (an ID column - such as one containing usernames) and creates a joined version with all columns from all files. Some consistency checking and reporting is done. Hey, even the guy who invented PowerShell (Jeffrey Snover) liked it enough to tweet me about it once back in the days.
  • A Module With SSH Cmdlets For PowerShell - Pretty cool stuff. Based on the SSH.NET library found on GitHub. Connect to, execute commands against and collects results from multiple hosts via SSH, using this ready-made module.
  • PowerShell foreach Loops And The ForEach-Object Cmdlet - Learn about foreach loops in PowerShell, and the ForEach-Object cmdlet used for pipeline processing.
  • Get Folder Sizes with PowerShell, Blazingly Fast - Uses COM with a fallback to robocopy to avoid 260-character limit on path length seen with Get-ChildItem/.NET, and is also very fast.
  • PSnmap - A PowerShell nmap-like program. TCP port scan subnets using CIDR notation, IP/subnet, IP or DNS/NetBIOS names. Runspaces for concurrency.
  • PSipcalc - Retrieve network information about subnets and enumerate IPs in subnets with PSipcalc - a sort of PowerShell clone of the Linux ipcalc utility.
  • STOXR - Currency Conversion Software - Open Exchange Rates API - Software to help automate currency conversion tasks using PowerShell/.NET. Fully functional trial version.
  • Invoke-PsExec for PowerShell - cmdlet for streamlining use of PsExec.exe from PowerShell. Asynchronous with runspaces.
  • ConvertTo-Json for PowerShell version 2 - If you need to create JSON in a generic, quite seamless way and need to do it with PowerShell version 2 (default in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7, but both these operating systems can be upgraded to later versions of PowerShell (unless you run Exchange 2010, SharePoint in some version I forgot and something else I forgot)).
  • The PowerShell Where-Object cmdlet - Learn about PowerShell's Where-Object cmdlet.
  • The PowerShell for loop - Learn about regular for loops in PowerShell.
  • Get-WmiObject-Wrapper - A wrapper around Get-WmiObject that collects data from online servers/workstations and stores it in XML format. There's also a custom XML parser for generating CSV/other reports based on the XML schema Get-WmiObject-Wrapper uses. It's more useful than it sounds!
  • PowerShell Benchmarking Module Built Around Measure-Command - When you want an easy-to-use interface to benchmark multiple runs of code in script blocks you specify.
  • PowerShell Regular Expressions - Examples and details on most use cases for regular expressions with .NET/PowerShell. It's a comprehensive article.

Look, Mom! I'm a Recording Artist!

Hobbies. Music used to be a hobby that might be facing a small resurrection, with signs of age, wear and tear.

Now I have a few songs out. The one I will now "promote" the most is the one for a woman who helped me grow in ways there's no price tag on - and of course for my infinitely priceless dad (RIP mom).

I have an "artist page" here in the wiki now. I put it here.

If you have Apple Music or Spotify, I created playlists of my music in some assumed easiest orders to digest and that's probably best to check it out quickly:

For those without... YouTube:

Links to "A Song for You", written by Leon Russell and originally performed by Donny Hathaway, in my cover version for my dad and woman:

Here's the cover art I chose. Taken with my iPhone XS at around 4-5 AM an early summer morning in 2019 in Norway. It was decoration outside my local, small mall.

Small cover art A Song for You.jpg

For further digging into my musical side, please click here and see my "music page". I have some songs with more spark (at least one, the "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down" one.)

Despite the suggestive title... Here's a small version of the cover art that accurately reflects how friendly it is :)

Girl i wanna lay you down cover art small wiki.jpg

Don't Forget to Donate!

If you find something here useful and want to reward my efforts, please consider donating a small amount. It's greatly appreciated even if it is done mostly as a gesture. Or put my songs on repeat for 24 hours, happily muted by external speakers, whichever you prefer!

External Resources

NB! Comment made 2020-02-26: Links were almost ten years old in some cases now and might no longer work so I removed the ones on Wordpress now without checking (sorry if they are/were still there...).

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