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Zenith Energy as a Possible Investment

Initial date of publishing: 2022-01-31.

Here is a brief summary of pros and cons for the stock Zenith Energy Ltd. "Zenith Energy"/ZENA on Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE / Oslo Børs) and the London Stock Exchange. One of the (former?) board members is Norwegian, hence the reason why it's on OSE.

Friendly tip: Don't put in more than you can afford to lose. This post comes with a big WARNING sign attached.

warning sign



Zenith Energy Graph 2022-01-31

General Considerations/Facts

Zenith Energy owns shares of fields. The fields' total production of oil barrels is higher than that which Zenith manages.

Zenith Energy is planning to purchase 22.5 % of an oil field in Tunisia (Sidi El Kilani), but the Tunisian government has spent 1.5 years without yet having approved the purchase.

Zenith currently owns 22.5 % of the Sidi El Kilani field through another company that they bought shares in, which is now a daughter company of Zenith Energy. The Tunisian government did not allow a direct purchase of shares of the oil field, so Zenith Energy bought the owner company.

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