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Svendsen Tech is owned and operated by Joakim Borger Svendsen. I'm the sole (direct) contributor to this wiki (standing on the shoulders of others and so forth).

See the general disclaimer for licensing information.

My email for company stuff is

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Here is my incredibly gorgeous, sexy, handsome, younger-than-my-years face in a picture. Enjoy, ladies, gays, and confused people.

Selfie yaw.jpg

Look, Mom! I'm a Recording Artist!

Hobbies. Music used to be a hobby that might be facing a small resurrection, with signs of age, wear and tear.

Now I have a few songs out. The one I will now "promote" the most is the one for a woman who helped me grow in ways there's no price tag on - and of course for my infinitely priceless dad.

I have an "artist page" here in the wiki now. I put it here.

Links to "A Song for You", written by Leon Russell and originally performed by Donny Hathaway, in my cover version for my father and the woman (RIP mom).

For further digging into my musical side, please click here and see my "music page". I have some songs with more spark (at least one, the "Girl, I Wanna..." one.)